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Threat Assessment and Survival Counter Measures


During times of crisis, you’ll probably face one of two different types of threats. It’s important to note that during survival situations, law enforcement will have its hands full.

A natural disaster or a terrorist attack will result in the police and other first responders assisting at ground zero or where people are most affected. Depending on the scale of the disaster, there could be a manpower shortage as most available officers are deployed to assist in the affected areas.

It goes without saying that when the cat is away, the mice will play. Burglars, rapists and other criminals who are constantly hoping to commit crime will grab this opportune time to see what they can get away with.

Depending on the survival situation, you may choose to either stay in the safety of your home or you might decide to bug out in the wilderness. It all depends on the type of scenario you’re facing.

If it’s a hurricane or a terrorist attack, you might huddle at home. If it’s a contagion or earthquake, you may drive up into the forest or mountains and bug out in the wilderness. It all depends on the situation and what you decide to do.

If you bug out in the wild, you might face:

  • Threats from wild animals

Bears, mountain lions, alligators, etc. are very real threats. It’s crucial that you know where you will be bugging out long before a survival situation ever occurs. Spend time visiting and even camping out in the area. This will allow you to get to know the lay of the land and the wildlife there.

You may be surprised to discover that even when you have firearms and bear spray and you think that you’re fully prepared, the area is swarming with mosquitoes that are getting on your very last nerve.

The only way to find out what you might face is to do the research and be there for a while. There is no substitute for actual experience.

  • Threats from Humans

Human threats are usually more dangerous than animal threats. In the wild, you can avoid animals with bear spray or camping out in locations that they’re not likely to visit.

With humans, however, things are a lot more unpredictable. People might want to break into your house at night and take what you’ve got. The lady who is walking back to her car after shopping at the mall may be dragged into a dark corner and raped.

The man who walks with his head hunched as he looks at his phone may get hit from behind and robbed. If the area is controlled by terrorist/criminal elements, people may be kidnapped or executed.

These are very real possibilities. The key to preventing these dangerous scenarios is to have situational awareness. You must ALWAYS be alert.

Carrying a firearm, or a non-lethal weapon will give you the edge during any altercation. Being fit and able to run away fast will keep you safe from most attacks. Your assailants can’t rob or kill you if they can’t catch you.

Being trained in self-defense and being good at it will allow you to inflict maximum damage with just a few blows which will open a window of opportunity for you to flee.

Assessing all possible threats during peace time and taking the right actions will help you mitigate most problems. Learn how to avoid or keep off the wild animals. Get used to using a firearm. Practice your self-defense moves daily till they’re instinctive and second nature to you.

 “Survival is the ability to swim in strange water.” – Frank Herbert. Be prepared for any threat.


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