December 14

Overcoming the Biggest Obstacle When Living Off-Grid


People are creatures of habit. For a city dweller to suddenly move to a remote farm off-grid and try living there can be such a shock that he or she may go into depression and hate every minute of it.

Even survivalists and preppers who are knowledgeable about urban survival will find that off-grid living presents its own set of challenges – the biggest one being breaking one’s addiction to technology and the usual conveniences.

In this article we’ll look at a few points to be aware of and why you should work on them before taking the plunge and deciding to live off-grid.

  • Communication

When you’re in a rural area, you’re either going to be living alone or with your immediate family. You have to be comfortable being by yourself and/or comfortable communicating more with your family members.

In today’s society, everyone is so busy with their daily schedules, social media, Netflix and other distractions that we don’t talk as much anymore. No one likes answering the phone these days. It’s all about text messaging and emails.

Living without technology will force you to communicate with your family more often than you’re used to. You should be prepared for this. It’s a good thing.

  • Weaning yourself off electronic devices

Before even attempting to try living off-grid, try and live without your mobile phone for a few days. Go on a social media fast. Avoid watching TV. Try heating your food on the stove instead of the using microwave.

Try washing your clothes without the washing machine. All these entertainment and conveniences that come from the use of electricity and technology may not be available to you. When living off-grid, your reliance on these devices and appliances will reduce greatly. You need to get used to that.

  • Living in this world but not of it

Try stocking up food and water in your house and stay home for days at a time and see if you can handle the isolation. You’ll not call your friends on the phone, watch TV or use the internet.

The goal is to simulate life in a house off the grid. You’ll not have your usual network of friends, technology or these entertainment devices to occupy your time. Being alone will be part and parcel of life.

Even if you have family with you, the times you do spend outside the house will often be alone. You’ll also need to get comfortable being isolated from society.

  • Finding other ways to entertain yourself

Read more. Play board games with your family. Exercise more. Learn yoga. Meditate. Learn to play an instrument such as a guitar, flute, violin, etc. All these activities do not require the use of technology.

When you’re living off-grid, good books and the ability to entertain yourself will be crucial to maintaining your sanity. You could have a portable radio powered by batteries. It’s an electronic device but you can make an exception here.

As a survivalist, you need to have an idea of what’s going on in the world outside. If there’s a hurricane approaching, the weather broadcasts will keep you informed. The same for pandemics, terrorist attacks, etc. You must be aware of current events to stay ready.

  • Have a backup plan

As a prepper, even when you’re living off-grid, you should know how to slip back into urban society if the need arises. If your house is in the path of a hurricane, you’ll need to evacuate fast. You must have an evacuation plan ready.

If someone in your household is injured, you must have a way to call for help immediately or drive them to the hospital as soon as possible. Real survival is about being able to survive in any situation and environment. Live off-grid if you want to, but don’t lose touch with your urban instincts.


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